how to install openafs on 11.3

(Can’t edit the thread title, to make clear: I’m only interested in openafs-client, not openafs server components, I simply want to mount remote afs directories)
I’ve upgraded to 11.3 and now openafs-client isn’t working anymore:

sudo /etc/init.d/openafs-client restart
Shutting down OpenAFS Client    Done
Starting OpenAFS Client 
FATAL: Module libafs not found.    Skipped

I’ve downloaded the source, did a configure, make and make install, but it’s still the same error. What is the next step I can try to work out why libafs isn’t found? I’ve confirmed that libafs.ko is build by “make” and copied somewhere (where?) by “make install”, perhaps I have to configure a path somewhere?
Or is there even an ETA for an official openafs package for 11.3?


Can’t edit my post anymore :confused:
With “I’ve downloaded the source” I mean OpenAFS 1.5.75
I guess I still need a new version of openafs-client. The version installed was from the 11.2 repositories. I now uninstalled openafs-client using zypper, but of course I now can’t reinstall it because I don’t know where I would get openafs-client from?

You need to probably talk to the filesystems package maintainer to see
why it’s excluded from 11.3

If you look at the files section or under build status -> openSUSE_11.2
you will see the rpm produces the client.

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Thanks for the info Malcom, I wasn’t aware of how to get additional information about what’s happening on the buildservice.

openafs now seems to be available for 11.3 and I got it to work. I initially had the meessage:

aklog: can’t get afs configuration (afsconf_Open(/usr/local/etc/openafs))

and I had to manually move the config files (had to do the same on a fedora 13 system after a recent openafs update):

sudo cp -r /etc/openafs/ /usr/local/etc/

and restore my ThisCell config file. Now everything works again :slight_smile: