How to install only one software

I am really new to OpenSuse (used Ubuntu for a while, but generally ignorant about Linux).

I want to install only adobe flash plug-in in firefox. However when I search and try to install it, the update manager tries to download all the avilable software (something like 600 MB). This is really annoying and I am not sure how to install only the software that I want to install. How to turn off the update manager option to download all the available updates in the universe.

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How are you trying to do this? I have just gone to YaST>Software Management and searched for flash and all it offers me is 19Mb for Adobe Flash Player.

Go here search for Flash Player and one click install the second option. It’s the simplest/quickest way to do it.

Is it possible that you just installed and never updated since?

Because of the introduction of a newer KDE 4 (which was not on the DVD) there is one massive install to do. Once you have one this normal live will prevail :slight_smile: