How to install Nvidia driver (completely new linux user)

I have downloaded Nvidia driver from nvidia website , now please tell me how to install it ?

I have no idea how to do it.

I am using OpenSuse from LIVE CD at the moment on my compaq laptop


You can’t imho. You have a live CD, you can not change, remove or add to the system files because that is all on the CD and the disks of the system should be left untouched (that is where a live CD is for).

Once you install Suse in the hard drive you’ll be able tho. :slight_smile:

Check here, for me worked with the one click installer there right away. Make sure you select the right one for your card tho. SDB:NVIDIA drivers - openSUSE

I agree this is the case for a new user. … but not so for a long-in-the-tooth average user. Such an aged user can run the proprietary driver on a liveCD.

I have tested the proprietary driver many times with a liveCD, on a PC that had LOTS of RAM (preferably 4GB of RAM). The “trick” is to never reboot, and its a LOT of work to install the proprietary driver, only to have to lose all the work after the next reboot. But it is possible.

… at least it was possible before the “noveau” driver. Currently its important to blacklist the “nouveau” driver before building the proprietary driver (on openSUSE-11.3) and I do not know enough about Linux to know if one needs to reboot for the “blacklisting” to have an effect.