How to install Netbeans 8 on 13.2

I would like to install Netbeans 8.02 on my system (opensuse 13.2). OpenJDK is already installed (jdk). Netbeans is not in the opensuse repos. The info found via google search recommends installing as root using an installer script from the Netbeans website. The part about running a script as root to install software raises a red flag - don’t remember why, just that it is a bad idea to install software as root on suse.

So, what’s the best method to get Netbeans installed?


It is not a bad idea to install software “as root”, because all software is installed “as root”. It is however a good idea to be very careful running scripts coming from elsewhere as root. You should be very sure they are harmless in the first place, by inspecting them and/or asking others (e.g. here) for advice and/or trusting the provider.

And even when a script is harmless, you can not be sure it does on openSUSE what you hope it does. Often scripts are made for other distributions and/or earlier versions and thus not up-to-date to cooperate with openSUSE 13.2.

The above is only a comment about your misunderstanding of root and software installation.

Now about netbeans.
When a software is not in the standard repos (or any other repo you have in your repo list), the next step is to go to . And I found sources for netbeans there ready to be installed on openSUSE 13.2.

Hi, You don’t need to be root to install netbeans, when installing it will ask you where you want it to be installed, just point it to some folder in your home directory. HTH Lenwolf