how to install msn live and games?


does anyone know how to install msn live and games such as metin2 or bf2 on opensuse 11,0?:
i know there are msn like programs but i would prefer to install msn live.

thanks for any help guys

Use wine for these if you must have windows apps Wine HQ



Alternatively, if your system processor support virtualization at a hardware level (Intel VT and AMD-V), run Windows as a full virtualized guest on top of Open Suse by means of Xen.
It will allow you to run not only your favourite windows games, but also whatever application developed for that MS OS.
Besides, if your system features big amounts of memory and several final logical processing threads (a thing not uncommon these days), you can even configure several guests machines running simultaneously on the same physical machine, each one of them likely running a distinct OS and rendering much more than acceptable performance figures, even for OSes that must be run full virtualized mode(Windows).

Open Suse 11 ships with several ready to install Xenisized kernels and a complete tool suite that will help you to set up and configure guests machines (domUs in Xen parlance) with relative ease.

If you want to learn more about Xen, there is a Open Suse Xen site hosting quite good stuff:
Xen - openSUSE

Appart from XEN, there are several virtualization technologies that can help you to do almost the same: Virtualbox, Qemu.