how to install meego

has anyone figured out how to go about installing meego? the files in the opensuse repo do not work and the live cd boots gnome… any ideas?

Here you will find the meego live-cd

Index of /repositories/Meego:/Netbook/images/iso

i’ve tried it but it boots gnome and not meego

Indeed it does, for me as well.

I also tried installing the meego-pattern, but when choosing MeeGo in the login session chooser I boot and still get my default KDE.

I could add that I was previously running MeeGo on this netbook, but since I use openSUSE on all of my other machines I thought it was great that I could combine them both.

Has anyone actually got MeeGo running from openSUSE 11.3? There is no one in #opensuse-goblin to ask.

I tried on RC1 of 11.3, but could never figure it out. I’m intrigued if anyone can manage it. Meego is an interesting interface, and openSUSE has all the software I want and need.

After having installed the meego-pattern, I tried another approach and from a console login ran:

export WINDOWMANAGER=startmoblin

What happened then was that I got the following error:

WARNING **: Couldn't load /etc/xdg/autostart/ksmolt-autostart.desktop: Invalid key name: X-KDE-autostart-condition$e]

I commented out the line with X-KDE-autostart-condition$e], and now Moblin/Meego kind of starts but all I see is a huge battery monitor, the sound controls and my network status. It seems I somehow only have started the systray. :?