how to install mcrypt php exstention


im trying to install tine 2.0 on a webserver at my uni but i need to install mcrypt extention i also get an error message with phpmyadmin. the server has php 5.2.8 installed and Apache 2.2.10.

i have followed a guide found at this url but i dont know how to rebuild php.
i have downloaded and installed

i uncompressed in the pacakages in thr root folder /root/ then cd ed in to there root folder ran these commands as per the guide:
make install

now what do i do can any one help

The save method to install from a tarball is to place it as a normal user (not root) in a place that is owned by that normal user (that is defiunitely not /root).
You do the uncompress and untar as a normal user.
You do the ./configure and the* make* as a normal user.
Only the sudo make install will then use root permission.

Never use root when not needed. And refrain from spreading all sorts of intermediate files into your system directories.

Next is the question: what is your openSUSE level?

I have 11.2 here and php-Mcrypt is in the OSS repository and thus simply installable eith YaST or zypper. Also all of what you try to build above is in the OSS repo (and will probably be drawn in as dependencies when you install php-Mcrypt). I guess that these are also available for 11.3 and 11.4. Please explain why you decided not to use them and going for building them yourself.

ok the problem with mcrypty has been sorted as i have moved to another server which is running suse 11.3 but it is now saying it can find php zip extention. im also trying to install it throught a ssh terminal connection via putty.

I can not say I do understand much from what you are saying (and I also do not read any answers to my questions), but as long as you are happy it is OK.

Both extensions (zib,mcrypt) and much much more are available through yast. Aren’t you using openSUSE? If so, you should have said that in your initial post.

I asked allready in post #2, but it seems difficult to decide because it is not anwered in post #3.