How to install maven on 13.1

I can’t seem to find a link to install maven on my OpenSUSE 13.1 workstation. I found a link in the forum for a 12.3 install. When I search for a Maven download in Firefox, I get a generic Maven/Linux versions array, but there are no download links. Any suggestions on where to look?
Thanks in advance.

Hi, here : HTH Lenwolf

Thanks but that is the page that has no links when I am in Firefox.

I just did a zypper ref and zypper up
and now I can’t run Knoqueror or KWrite, so maybe the issue is the upgrade and not the Apache Maven site.

Maybe you installed a KDE update?
You have to logout/login for everything to work again then (or reboot).

If that doesn’t help:
What do you get when running kwrite f.e. in Konsole?

And btw, that page mentioned before does have installation links for 13.1. You have to click on “Show unstable packages” (or similar, my system is in german) though.