How to Install LEAP over PXE ?

I have Hardware without DVD and USB ;(
But LAN with PXE - OK

How i can install Leap42.2 over PXE ?


Need to know more about your PXE setup - Windows? Linux? Something else?

BIOS boot? UEFI boot?

this is old hardware.
BIOS boot.

In general,

Unless you have some way of booting to removable media,
In your situation, a PXE boot is probably more trouble than it’s worth (FWIW It would require setting up images on a PXE Server, then writing a PXE client to your hard drive which from your description might require removing the drive and mounting in another machine).

If you end up having to remove your drive and mounting in another machine,
Then IMO you might as well just write an image (eg from Kiwi) to your drive (or copy an install image like the DVD or a Net Install to a small bootable partition of the drive), install back in your machine and power up.

If you were in a large company with a number of your laptops that need to be installed, then the PXE option would make sense…