How to install latest version of FileZilla

I have installed Opensuse 11.1 and works perfectly
I have also installed FileZilla for my FTP work.

Currently I have version 3.0.3. But I want to install the latest
version of FileZilla FTP Client. The latest version is FileZilla 3.2.1

I have added all Community Repositories, but still I cannot install
the latest version.

Please help me.

Thank you


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found a 3.2.0 package in OBS, is that good enough?

‘Index of /repositories/home:/perosb/openSUSE_11.1’


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But is there any mirror repository for this?

The servers are too slow here. It starts downloading at
normal speed (approx 25kbps) and after some files downloaded, it
downloads at 100bps speed, and crashes to download.

So I need alternate mirrors.


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There are only three;
(score 100)
(score 150) *
(score 10)

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