How to install Koffice 2.1 in Opensuse 11.2

Hello everyone, I’m new to opensuse and I really like it so far. I am used to koffice for my daily needs and I want to install it but in the package manager only Koffice 2.0 shows up. I want to install the latest one because I’ve heard that they have done a lot of work with MSoffice import and export.

Add the following repository in YaST:
Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/Factory:/Desktop/openSUSE_11.2

Goto software management and search for Koffice, after that choose version tab and select diff version you want OR click on “switch system packages” if koffice is already installed.

You can disable the repo later as it is factory.
Hope this helps.

Thanks a lot! It worked perfectly :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that.
Enjoy openSUSE.

I don’t see Koffice 2.1 in the repo. I see debuginfo packages, but no primary packages. Were they removed?

Okay, I see them. They don’t show up in Yast, even though I’ve added the repository. I had to use the “use alt versions” link at the top of Yast, and then they showed up.

But I see they call for a KDE build newer than what shipped with 11.2. This won’t work for me. Is there a build of KOffice 2.1 that will run atop the stock KDE4 that ships with opensuse 11.2?


Ok I followed your instructions and KDE has now crashed and cannot start.

I am running suse 11.2 KDE 4.3

The computer starts as usual but instead of the kde splash screen I get a black screen with a crash handler screen with the message

Plasma workspace closed unexpectedly

The details at the bottom of that screen are

executable: kdeinit4 PID:2388 signal:11 (segmentation fault)

the fault occures if I log in as user, root, and failsafe, IE kde will not start.

I doubt this is anything to do with KOffice2 as I have been using it daily without problems since I installed 11.2.

One possible option, if no-one else comes up with a better idea, is to back up .kde4 (because that is where emails etc. are stored) and then delete it. KDE will then recreate it and if it works you need to restore the relevant hidden files.

Hi John

Thanks, I did not do anything els except the install koffice as per the instructions above, I guess using a factory repository always has its dangers.

I have reinstalled suse 11.2 this morning and am back up and running.

any idear how i install koffice2.1 without using the factory repo?

Set to factory, install just the Koffice packages and dependencies then turn off the factory. You do not want to get updates from there! :wink:

You are right, after installing just disable the repo.
And this is what i mentioned already above.

Don’t. Koffice was compiled with the rest of the packages, expecting a compatible KDE4 version. Mixing packages from various repos is almost a guarantee for trouble like described.

To get it stabilized:
Add Desktop, Community and Playground repos for one KDE4 version. For each pick the option “Switch system packages to …”. Accept, let the installer do it’s thing.
(Re)move the plasma config files, and rebuild the appearance of your desktop, adding widgets one by one. AFAICS most of the plasma crashes are caused by incompatible widgets and/or theming.