how to install jupiter ?

im new to opensuse
back in ubuntu i used to use an appelet called jupiter for setting my laptop’s power mode , how can i install it in opensuse 13.1 or what’s the equivilant ?

Hi, welcome.

Had a quick look. The project seems pretty dead, latest version is from 2012.
My guess is you already had a look in the software manager, but did not find it. Well here is your next stop. Search for “jupiter” and . It shows user fabio_s has package(s) built on the Buildservice. Use the one-click install, follow instructions and let us know if this worked for you.

And when you want an equivalent of something, you better describe more detailed what you want it to do. You can not expect the mass of us here to install Ubuntu with Jupiter to test what it does, only to understand what you want.

And as I assume that you use your laptop with a GUI, you may also inform us about which desktop you use. I assume that most DEs have power management tools/iinterfaces (at least in my KDE, I see something like that in it’s system settings).