how to install jdk ?

hello guys

actually i am newbie and plz instruct me how to install jdk 1.5,tomcat,mysql

Here some imp points about my server ?

1)I have opensuse 10.2
2)I have only text mode, no gui
3)i don’t have the package so plz instruct me how to download directly to my unix server may be thru wget

plz help me

Hmm, I don’t remember now how repos work in 10.2, I just remember it was a bit of pain because zmd was mixed up with it. Sure you don’t want to update the server to 11.0? 10.2 is going out of support soon.

Anyway, if you have the non-OSS and OSS repos in 10.2 enabled, you should be able to find the Sun Java DK, MySQL and tomcat5 packages using yast in ncurses mode.

Sorry I can’t be more specific than that, it’s been a while since I used 10.2, maybe someone here will remember. Did I mention that you consider upgrading your sever? :slight_smile:

Repositories is the best way to go about it. But I dont have an openSUSE-10.2 system to see how it was setup.
But this is probably the next best thing you can do. You can download the sun-jdl-1.5 rpm and install it. Download the rpm from this link. Use wget.


Run the jdk-1_5_0_16-linux-i586-rpm.bin file once its downloaded. That will give you the rpm file - jdk-1_5_0_16-linux-i586-rpm. Install the rpm and you will have sun-jdk-1.5 installed. Hope that helps. Post back if you face any issues.

  • Thejaswi Raya

Just remember that at the current time 11 Oct 08’ Servers are down!
Might be best to hang on.

Yes I am aware of that. The idea is to download the rpm from Sun’s website and install it. It wont go through openSUSE repositories.