How to install ia32-libs on openSUSE 13.1?

Hi guys,

I need an application and it require ia32-libs package. But I couldn’t search from both zypper and opensuse website.

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There is no ia32-libs package on openSUSE (that’s how it is called in Ubuntu AFAIK).
You have to install the appropriate libxxx-32bit packages instead.

What application is this, and what 32bit libraries does it need?

PS: To ease things, there is a 32bit Pattern.
Click on View->Patterns in YaST->Software Management and install it. Maybe that’s enough already.

I’m trying to install Titanium Studio, an application for developing mobile application.
Titanium 3.X - Appcelerator Docs
In the above link, it said that “If using the 64-bit JDK, the ia32-libs package is required.”

So I do not know what exactly required libs.


PS: In YaST2, I tried Views -> Patterns, but there’s no 32bit development

The pattern does exist.
Try to install “pattern-opensuse-32bit” then (either with YaST or zypper).

Have you tried running it (in a terminal window)?
If a lib is missing, there should be an error message regarding that.

Maybe that only applies to Debian/Ubuntu anyway. They do things different regarding 32bit/64bit libraries.
AFAICS that is a java app, so it should just use the 64bit libraries if run on a 64bit JavaVM on openSUSE.

This is image of YaST2, like you see that there’s no 32bit environment under Base Technologies](

I can’t look right now where it should be.

But there is a “package” (it’s not really a package, but is shown as one) called “patterns-openSUSE-32bit”. Type that into the Search field and install it.

Or use:

sudo zypper in -t pattern 32bit

On 2013-11-24 13:36, n00bvn wrote:

> This is image of YaST2, like you see that there’s no 32bit environment
> under Base Technologies
> ‘[image:]’
> (

See: susepaste

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Carlos, you are still on 12.3, right?

I just had a look on my 13.1 system, and the 32bit pattern is really not shown in YaST.
And installing it with zypper (or installing the meta package “patterns-openSUSE-32bit” with YaST) doesn’t pull in any packages as well.

So have you tried to run it in a terminal without installing any 32bit libraries?