How to install guest Netware 6.5 SP8 on Xen using ISO image of the installation disc?

Hello. I have an ISO image of the Netware 6.5 SP8 installation disc.

So, I installed openSUSE 42.3, installed Xen, rebooted and selected the kernel with Xen. I start Virtual Machine Manager, select Hypervisor Xen, create a virtual machine. And then in the paravirtualization mode, the “Local install media (ISO image or CDROM)” option is inactive.

How to install guest Netware 6.5 SP8 on Xen using ISO image of the installation disc?

Thank you.
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Does this help?Installing and Managing NetWare on a Xen-based VM

How did you install Xen?
Did you use YaST or did you simply select Xen in YaST Software Manager or zypper?


I apologize for the previous link which is a bit out of date. :shame:

This is the latest info from the OES 2015 SP1: Installation Guide
Installing and Managing NetWare on a Xen-based VM

According to the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP3 Virtualization Guide NetWare is still supported as a paravirtual Xen DomU.

I have not tried to install NetWare using LEAP 42.3 so the information in the links I provided may not apply.

I don’t think the @OP has reached a point whether the Network install has even started (so no Network related issues yet).
From the description,
Either Xen is not installed correctly
The ISO file is not configured as an installation source yet. In your latest Netware reference, the ISO file is configured in the Guest’s hardware properties <after> completing the “Create New virtual machine”



In the screen “Create new virtual machine” select for Xen Type: “xen(fullvirt)”.
This activate the option “Local install media (ISO image or CDROM)”


Thank you for answer.

As described in the openSUSE documentation

  1. Start YaST and choose Virtualization › Install Hypervisor and Tools.
  2. Select Xen server and Xen tools. Confirm with Accept.

No description about source installation (local, ISO image, ftp, nfs).

This is true.

I connected the ISO image and run the installation. But the speed of copying files was 10 times lower. During the installation, the virtual machine crashed and started to reboot cyclically.

Sorry, but I formatted the hard drive and installed on it VMWare. Netware was installed easily and simply on the first time. The speed is good.
Thank you for your help. I wish you all good.
(sorry, google translator)

NetWare *only *runs as a Xen Paravirtual DomU!


Sorry I have no knowledge about Netware so I can have given a bad solution.

But I think that there is a problem with installation of XEN VM using YaST or virt-manager
The current boot kernel that I use is the XEN version (Tumbleweed)

With Yast
when I start create new VM the connection is defaulted to QEMU/KVM (I cannot change it) and a warning is coming about KVM not installed (normal i want using XEN) I can select the iso for installation but when I tested this some weeks ago the installation failed with an error during initial boot of the VM. Remark that there is no choice for the VM type (para or full virtualized)

With virt-manager
the connection is defaulted to XEN (I cannot change it) and Xen type = xen(paravirtualized) but for the choices how to install (from ISO/CDROM, network install, network boot(pxe) or import existing disk image) ==> ISO/CDROM and network boot(pxe) are not available. If I change XEN type to full virtualized then the 4 choices are available.

I think that opening a bug report for these two installation modes is maybe needed.