How to install gtk recordmydesktop in 11.3 gnome?

I have the packman repostory added, but I can’t find recordmydesktop when searching for software…


Looking for this package too but using kde 4.4.4


I am as well. It doesn’t appear to packaged yet for 11.3. I’ve loaded the 11.2 version manually, but it does not work properly, very slow response, Advanced settings won’t come up, screen rates so slow it’s not usable. :frowning: Really hope it gets packaged properly soon.

I found it in Main Repository (contrib)… However after installing nothing happens when I click on the advanced button to get the settings…

Without that it is useless. The video is choppy, and the sound is not working.

Just an FYI, I have switched to using xvidcap and it works well. A couple of quirks interface wise, but it seems to capture video and sound very well and much smoother than recordmydesktop ever did. Default is stored as .mpg file. I’m running KDE 4.4.4 but seems it should also work in Gnome ok.