how to install grdesktop in OpenSuse ?

Hi there,

I’ve recently switched from Ubuntu to OpenSuse/GNOME, and I’m trying to install grdesktop in my laptop…

  • I searched it in SoftwareManagement and couldn’t find it (I enabled packman, and other repos).
  • I tried zypper intall grdesktop (but it’s the same problem)
  • I downloaded the source from grdesktop’s website, tar, ./configure shows this error :
    checking for libgnomeui-2.0… configure: error: cannot find GNOME2 2.0!

zypper install libgnomeui gives this:
No update candidate for ‘libgnomeui-2.24.4-2.1.i586’. The highest available version is already installed. and I’m running Gnome Version: 2.32.1 as my DE

I’m not sure what to do now? any help/hints?

Thank you,

I can not answer your question, but I have a few remarks.

. See this is your first post on these Forums. Welcome here!

. It is of no use to “(I enabled packman, and other repos)” more or less randomly. Packman you should have, but for others, either you are sure you want to use one (because you know what it is for) or you first search for a package by using Search Results and then using one you found there (but I searched there and did not found grdesktop). I advise you to disable/remove the ones you added (except Packman) to avoid future problems.

. It is useless to try to install using zypper when you can not find it with YaST > Software > Software management because they use the same mechanism.

The fact that the source package asks for this particular version of Gnome where you have allready a newer one, points imho to an error by the creators of the source package.
You may wait here for some more time (after all we live al over the globe), maybe a real grdesktop user tunes in here to help. When not, I should contact the grdesktop developers to ask.

And before I forget, you forgot something. We still do not know which version of openSUSE you use.

Thanks a lot Hank :slight_smile:

zenet@laptop:~> cat /etc/SuSE-release
openSUSE 11.4 (i586)
VERSION = 11.4
CODENAME = Celadon

Okay, I was really desperate… so I started doing silly things… I disabled the third-party repositories …

You’re certainly right… But I just like doing things from the terminal :stuck_out_tongue: If zypper can do the same things as Soft Management, then I’ll probably tend to use it more.

But I just like doing things from the terminal :stuck_out_tongue: If zypper can do the same things as Soft Management, then I’ll probably tend to use it more.
That is fine, but I got the impression that you didn’t know you were doing the same thing twice.

I am not using Gnome and I did not even know what gresdktop is (well, I couldd hav guessed when I had understood that I should read that as g-rdesktop :wink: ).
I am still afraid that we have to wait for somebody knowing about it, or that you have to go for the grderktop developers (you can do both of course).

Hm, I went here: Search - and search for grdesktop. Maybe you can do likewise Except your own thread thre are some more entries. Maybe worthwhile to look there.

Not very promising. Seems that someone build it for openSUSE, but stopped doing it.

I just installed krdc and it installed loads of KDE related packages… but that’s fine because krdc has more interesting configs/settings than grdesktop…

Thank you so much for your help Hank :slight_smile:

When you are satsfied with this solution, that is fine.

You are welcome. Enjoy openSUSE.

As an alternative GRdesktop+rdesktop, recommend to try Remmina + FreeRDP.