How to install google earth on OpenSuse 11


I just wiped Win XP and installed OpenSuse 11. I downloaded google earth and I have this bin file sitting on my desktop and it won’t do anything. It won’t show up in Yast. How do you install stuff in OpenSuse?

Bear in mind I’ve used Windows since I was 10 and now I’m 29, I have no idea how to install software in Linux without using a GUI.

Any help appreciated.



1 ) open a console/terminal
2 ) cd ( change directory ) to where you downloaded the file
3 ) type **sh googleearthfile.bin ** replacing googleearthfile with whatever the real file is called
4 ) install should start,providing you have met the prerequisites



I tried to change the directory but the system gives me an error. I typed:

cd /home/sanjay/desktop

and then pressed enter. The system didn’t like that. Am I typing this exactly right?


should be

cd /home/sanjay/Desktop

"Desktop’s first letter is a "CAP