How to install Google Chrome

I tried to install Google Chrome 64 bit and it said that it needed some dependencies. why would this be different from other distros that have installed Chrome with no trouble at all.

What is needed to install Chrome?
running opensuse 11.2 kde.

Are you using the one from the contrib/standard repository? If not get
it here;
Please note, I would use the one-click and ensure you uncheck the box
so you won’t stay subscribed to the repository.

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I got the file from the Chrome site.

I gave:

zypper install a try and I did install that way.

here’s the end of the of the process:

Retrieving package glibc-i18ndata-2.10.1-10.5.1.x86_64 (7/9), 3.1 MiB (10.2 MiB unpacked)
Retrieving: glibc-i18ndata-2.10.1-10.5.1.x86_64.rpm [done (278.0 KiB/s)]
Installing: glibc-i18ndata-2.10.1-10.5.1 [done]
Retrieving package lsb-4.0-4.1.x86_64 (8/9), 8.0 KiB (1.0 KiB unpacked)
Retrieving: lsb-4.0-4.1.x86_64.rpm [done (0 B/s)]
Installing: lsb-4.0-4.1 [done]
Retrieving package google-chrome-beta-5.0.375.29-46008.x86_64 (9/9), 18.6 MiB (54.7 MiB unpacked)
Installing: google-chrome-beta-5.0.375.29-46008 [done]
Additional rpm output:
warning: /var/cache/zypp/packages/tmpRPMcache/google-chrome-beta_current_x86_64.rpm: Header V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID 7fac5991

linux-kw2x:/home/davek/Download #

I typing in Chrome now.Too many choices can be confusing, I try to use zypper most of the time.

Was the dependency problem with libjpeg? If it was, you can ignore it and install it anyway and it will work fine.

Malcomlewis’ link is to Chromium, which isn’t the same as google chrome. You can install both with no problems.

Edit: vinoman2, I see you got it going. Good job.

I see you got Chromium installed, but installing an external package is no different from any other package. If it needs a dependency that will be flagged. Another distro may happen to have those dependencies already installed, so you can’t really compare like that.

IIRC when I installed Chrome the missing dependency was lsb, which is not really needed by other openSUSE packages so it wasn’t installed by default. It just contains some files and links to make openSUSE LSB compliant.

OS: Leap 42.1


I just download the .rpm file google-chrome-stable_current_x86_64.rpm and its keeps asking or opening it in Ark. How do I get the Package Manager to open and install it?

In the future, please start a new thread rather than tacking on to an existing thread which may/maynot be related…

Anyway, just use zypper to install, open a terminal (konsole?) session;

su -
cd <to your downloaded rpm>
zypper in google-chrome-stable_current_x86_64.rpm

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