how to install GNS3 0.7.4 in opensuse 11.04

I study Network, I want to install GNS3 0.7.4 ( new version) in opensuse 11.04 but i can not do it.
plese help me install it, detail about command use to install GNS3 0.7.4. thanks so much

hi, im also studying for my ccna security cert.
if im not mistaken there is an official package from opensuse already, try:

sudo zypper up && sudo zypper in gns3 dynamips

sorry, its not in the repos yet, but you can do it very simply, just follow the link (wish this was available back in version 7.0.2 &0.7.3, argh…what a pain that was…) Search Results

ok forget about this, its not the proper gns3! back to the 10 hour troubleshooting just to install an application…