How to Install Gnome Themes???

I downloaded some themes for gnome last night, but I do not understand how to install them. the site I pulled them from said to copy and past them into the gnome-shell folder and that made a big mess. So there is another option which is to use the Gnome Tweak tool. Shell extensions, the problem is I don’t know what file to look for in the install shell extension icon???
Any help would be Awesome,
Thank you.

I replied in the other thread :wink: Anyhow, where did you download the themes from, a link would be good.

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I have extracted them and they are still in my Downloads folder,

Have you installed gnome-shell-extension-user-theme? If not you need to
install, then restart the tweak tool. You don’t need to untar the
download, just browse to it and select.

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Thanks, sounds easy enough.