How to install Github's Atom text editor on opensuse 13.2

I downloaded .rpm file from atom’s website after clicking on package install button it’s saying installing packages for 2 seconds and then it’s closes automatically. any solution?
Thank you so much.

For what it is worth installed fine here

Maybe use the rpm command it may show more info

I didn’t get you


Nice and kewl text editor, Thanks! btw

ALT + F2

then type


then press the enter/return button that should run atom for you if it is indeed installed and

rpm -ql atom

seems to be what gogalthorp is talking about ( guessing here ) :slight_smile:

rpm -i atom.x86.rpm

The above may give more detailed error message

I was assuming the thing did not install for some reason, even though I had no trouble here. It showed up in may menu (KDE) under recent installs and in utilities-editors

package atom-0.199.0-0.1.fc21.x86_64 is intended for a different architecture

I got this error after typing that command. I’m using 32 bit openSUSE.

Yeah It’s best text editor after sublime text, I’m using this on my macbook.


Yes you will have that error because you have 32bit and that package is 64bit, this link is worth a read

or ask someone here or in OBS to package that editor :slight_smile:

Can anyone please explain a n00b how to install atom.x86_64.rpm on Leap 42.1? Downloaded it from the official website and don’t know what to do with it. In OpenSUSE 13.2 I could just click on the .rpm file to install the app, but on Leap 42.1 that doesn’t work.

try installing it with zypper or rpm

sudo zypper in/path/to/atom.rpm


sudo rpm -i /path/to/atom.rpm 

zypper is the preferred method as it will automatically download extra dependencies, if dependencies are not satisfied rpm will refuse to install.
I don’t have that rpm but the reason you can’t install it with a double click is you don’t have the sign key.

Huge thanks!