how to install GIMP 2.4.6

Hi! I just started to try out linux. I wanna install GIMP 2.4.6. How can i do that? I’ve already downloaded gimp-2.4.6.tar.bz2. Thanx

gimp-2.4.6.tar.bz2 is in the format of what is commonly known as a tarball. You can tell by the “tar.bz2” on the end. To install that you need to compile the program, which is not recommended for newbies.

You are far better off as a new openSUSE Linux user to install a package that has already been compiled by someone else. In the case of openSUSE there are packaged in an “rpm” format. Hence I recommend you go here:
Webpin - openSUSE software search
select your openSUSE version, and do a search for “gimp”. You should find gimp-2.4.6 there.

I recommend you become more familiar with some basic openSUSE concepts before you become too adventurous. Hence I believe the following is something you should read:
Concepts - openSUSE

As oldcpu says, tarballs = nononono. A lot of packages can be found in the opensuse repositories, so use tarballs as a last resort for obscure applications. To install stuff in suse, fire up yast - it should be in your menu (if using kde, go to kmenu > computer > yast, or kmenu > computer > install software to directly open the software installer). If going through yast, select software and you’ll find the software installer module. Search for gimp, tick the check box, apply and you’re done.

I’d seriously recommend familiarizing yourself with yast, because you can set up a lot of things through yast.

Thanks a lot. I’m now installing through yast. Looks like i made things hard for myself. Will have to learn from mistakes