How to install GCC 4.6

I’m trying to replace GCC 5.2.1 with 4.6, anyone know how I would go about doing that on Tumbleweed?

Since the entire system depends on the c libraries it is seriously unwise to replace the c compiler and thus the c libraries.

You can find a gcc 4.x using either YAST or zypper, eg

zypper se gcc

You can install the gcc 4.6 compiler side by side with gcc 5.2.1 in TW.
Then, to invoke you need to specify the complete path to your 4.6 compiler since the default cannot be changed (today).


as far as I can tell there is no prebuild packaged for 4.6 that means you will need to build it from source
I’m not quite sure if it will build with gcc 5.2 you might need to install 4.9 to build it, I’m just not sure why use 4.6 isn’t 4.9 compatible?

It seems that gcc 4.6 is no longer available in the default TW repo

GCC 4.6 seems to no longer be available but 4.8 is very close