How to install gcc-3.4?


For specific needs, I need to use gcc-3.4.
I get the last one (gcc-4.3.1) and I didn’t find a way to install an older version. Implementing binary for direct install looks like complicated.
Does anyone know an ftp address for rpm package that I can add to yast for installation? Or a better way to do?

Thanks for your help

If you go to yast package management, you will see gcc-3.3. You may have to add packman repository. Is there a special reason for 3.4 and not 3.3?

hi, under my Yast Package Manager I only see gcc-4.3.1.

Where did you find the gcc-3.3?

“Is there a special reason for 3.4 and not 3.3?”
3.3 is fine, actually I just need gcc-3.X

I also had a look to:, and I didn’t find a rpm for gcc-3.X
I’m using a x86_64 architecture, is that restrictive for this?

Thanks again.


you can find the repository here:
Index of /repositories/devel:/gcc/openSUSE_11.1

Hope that helps

All I did was type in gcc in the search box. gcc-3.3 is in the standard oss repository, independent of architecture. Make sure you have this repository enabled in Yast. Downloading individual rpms and installing manually does not take care of dependencies. Yast takes care of it.