How to install FUji xerox docuprint cm225/228 fw scanner

I have the FUji xerox docuprint cm225/228 fw and I am impressed with it except for the fact that I can’t scan to PC or scan from the PC.
I can scan to email and USB and print.
I cannot find a linux driver.
I was wondering if anyone could help.
TY in advance.

You say “you can’t …”, but you fail to tell what you did.

Did you e.g. use YaST > Hardware > Scanner? And when yes, what did you see, do, etc. there?

Did you ue Scanning programs? Which ones, how, what happened?

We are not claiirvoyant.

Apologies Henk - bad habit I need to break.
I followed all the install instructions I could find - almost none.
I tried using YAST, which didn’t find the scanner, whereas with the printer it found it straight up with a suitable driver.
YAST had no docuprint drivers and searching the web found nothing except discontent with this model.
I like this multifunction and it is doing everything I want, except for scanning to the PC using the multifunction buttons or
scanning from the PC using xsane software.
I can work around this, but would prefer to get it working if possible.
I am using LEAP 42.1.