How to install electric sheep in opensuse 11.3?

Hi all!!

I was trying to install electric sheep on my 11.3 opensuse, because I thought it looked quite cool in the screenshots.

For those of you who dont know what this is about have a look here:

about | electric sheep

In the dowlnoad section, one can see that ubuntu installation has no problems, and I kinda hate that, because everywhere I look for X program, there is always an ubuntu precompiled pakcage or scriot or whatever but hey!, this is an excellent oportunity to try my first source code install, i thought… naive :slight_smile:

And the first problem is… that I cant find the latest source, anywhere no tar in sight, not even rpm, no nothing, nothing at least understadable by me who red like 15 articles of how to install from source (obiously that by no means means that I understand well what im doing), and frankly im kinda tired of searching and looking

Browse Electric Sheep Files on

Thats the download your source code page that has nothing on it!

I dont ask from you to search for me or anything like that Electric Sheep - Develop

In the page above is what I suppose is the source code but what do I do to tar.gz it so I can then test my newly skills hehe!

thanks in advance!!!

IsmaelVC wrote:
> ‘about | electric sheep’ (
> And the first problem is… that I cant find the latest source,
> anywhere no tar in sight, not even rpm, no nothing, nothing at least

at url above click on “download”, on resulting page search for
“source”…if you keep on searching down the page eventually you will
see (as i did) where i see one guy says he uses “ script
as a map” to the source…

so, download script and LOOK inside it (not run it, as
i GUESS the script feeds ONLY Ubuntu/Debian (or so it says near the
top of the download page)

see if that won’t lead you to the source (it will, i just looked at
it) but it is in SVN not a tar ball…just down it all (both the
client and flam3, and dependencies: the ones listed in that script are
for Gnome, are you runnning gnome?) and read the README (which
probably assumes you know more than you may (like just to start you
have to make configure (at least) executable)) but the README clearly
tells how to adjust for Gnome to KDE shift…

this probably is not (as you say) “an excellent oportunity to try my
first source code install”…

because, as you see this code is distributed via SVN
<> instead of being all
rolled up in a tar ball…

i’ve successfully compiled (once) from SVN and had little
understanding of how to do it, but it worked…

suggest you pick another package for your FIRST compile…there are
enough little bumps in the road when you begin with tar…

then, see if you can’t find a tutorial on how to compile from a SVN
(it ain’t hard, just different)…

this might get you started:“compile+from+SVN”

then, come back and ask with the little bits you can’t figure out with
the help of a good friend, like Google…

i’d guess this is an excellent opportunity to learn how to compile
source from a tar ball AND from an SVN…but, it will not be a
half-hour opportunity…

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Thank you very much!

I see I’ll try to get this workin and report later :slight_smile:

see ya!!!