How to install driver from System Rescue?/ How to switch to onboard graphics?

So, I just installed OpenSUSE, and I can’t get to the desktop. Tried both KDE and Gnome. I’m pretty sure it’s a driver issue, and I just got the latest 64 bit driver for my card (nVidia GeForce GT 240). Now I need to know how to either:
a. Install it from the command line.
b. Switch the OS to the other output (The integrated card) and install the driver from there.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

(I am a very puzzled penguin indeed. ^.^)


I have installed the driver, and everything works out alright (I even tried out Compiz Fusion… It’s awesome)

Now I have another issue: I have no sound. Anyone have ideas? in Configure Desktop > Multimedia, i have it set to the correct output (My graphics card’s HDMI), why is this not working?