How to install Dreamweaver cs4 with wine


Do you know how can i install dreamweaver cs4 with wine?

Yes… Install wine-doors then… you`ll see :slight_smile:

ok.But there is a problem in my suse i am using kde 4.2 not gnome.Is there any other way so i can install dreamweaver cs4?

I have been using dreamweaver since dreamweaver 3 and i have fireworks and flash on my linux system working fully, the first thing you need is crossover it is a linux program that allows you to run windows based programs on linux these programs will run automatically in crossover(go to codeweavers website) you can also try (play on linux) wich can be downloaded under games. if you need any help let us know i have all of macromedia running suse 11.0 using kde 3.5

Sorry for my late response but i haven’t a lot of time because of my school tasks.Guys i have installed wine 1.15 but dreamweaver doesn’t work.Can you help me?

Check Geoffs good guide
Geoff’s Linux tips - wine

Works fine!