How to install directly into a subvolume

hello guys, i have been trying to install opensuse directly in a subvolume but havent really been able. Is there any way to do it? As i have other OS’s installed on teh disk. I cannot take the normal approach for the installation.
thank you

Compared to what you posted on IRC one thing is missing: you’re talking about a btrfs subvolume. This is IMHO a quite exotic choice. Personally I have three linuces installed on my laptop ( TW, Leap 15.0, Leap 42.3 now ) each on separate partitions, with btrfs. To be honest, I don’t see why one ( even though I think it’s technically possible ) would want to do this this way. Every boot would do the usual btrfs maintenance stuff, yet in your case would have to maintain snapshots for ( at least 2 ) operating systems,

i have been able to install a base system but i think i still miss alot of packages to install in order to get the system running with X. this is a full list of whats installed so far. still no X tho.

also i am missing useradd, couldnt find it anywhere

EDIT: jsut installed xinit aswell. still stuff is missing tho

EDIT: installed some more packages, hope i am getting close to satrting X,maybe somone can take a look.

zypper search -i

Can you fire up YaST’s software installer from there? If so you might be better of looking for patterns packages and pull in a full desktop environment. That would make things much more simple. F.e. install patterns-base-x11 and use YaST’s services manager to set the default ‘runlevel’.

i can fire up yast now yes in ncurses… i am pulling some stuff from there. still didnt find where service manager is to set the runlevel
i get this error when i try to enable dbus for example
This service cannot be enabled/disabled because it has no “install” section in the description file

i was able to get to the sddm login manager… tho i couldnt login or anything. screen froze, i couldt even switch tty. any idea?
xorg log

first time in X…what a journey

Well, it may have been a journey, but the siteseeing must have been some experience too :smiley: