How to install Citrix VPN Client

We run a VPN trough Citrix Access Gateway.
The It comes with VPN Client for both Windows and Linux. The Windows version do work ok, but i cant get the Linux version to work in OpenSUSE10.3

I have installed GCC, Kernel Source and IPTable

When i install, there is allott of warnings and errors and i cant run NET6VPN.

Is it possible to get Citrix Client to install om OpenSUSE, or is it possible to use other VPN-client trough Citrix AG?

The Standard protocol when asking ofr help on forums is to post the errors so that people who can and want to help have something to work with.

I agree!
But now i read something about the Citrix AG Client for Linux only run on Linux kernel 2.4
Then i guess this is the problem!

Is the a way to run both 2.4 and 2.6?

I have completed enough reverse-engineering on the protocol the citrix “vpn” clients use to connect to the citrix access gateway (CAG) today. At least to the level so I can pipe a ssh-connection
through it (and then ssh portforwarding can be used to get whatever’s available on the other side).
I’ll post a link to the sourceforge-site as soon as I have chance to put something useful there (at the moment the my client is only a buggy perl script).


I am able to access our corporate Citrix Application Server using the Citrix Linux Client and kvpnc, which is a KDE front end for a range of vpn clients. openSUSE 10.3 with kernel. Works flawlessly, not sure if this helps you though. See below.