How to install ATI 9.1 driver in KDE4.2?

Hi,I’m using 11.1 KDE4.2 x86-64,I’ve download latest ATI 9.1 driver .run file,tried install it with :
sudo sh
in console,but it show ‘no such file or diretory’…
I put that driver in my /home/document.
Anyone know what I did wrong? Thanks!

What I do is type su in the terminal enter root password.

When red letters appear I type cd /home/(user name)/Desktop (or wherever the file is located).

The I type sh ./ati and then hit the TAB button to fill in the rest of the name. Then hit enter to start the installer. I don’t exit the x-server to do this, it’s not necessary with the ATI driver installer, though it is with the Nvidia installer.

Hi fren,I installed it,and being screwed…no matter how i try,screen always blank… I’ve back to Ubuntu 8.10,thanks for help,and enjoy suse. Might wait for 11.2.