How to install and run KEXEC on opensuse?

Hi All Experts,

I am trying to capture the kernel panic and kernel crash dumps. So after looking on google I found utility KDUMP to do so.
I have installed openSUSE, and as per my knowledge it is having kdump installed by default (Not sure).

I have set the flags and recompiled kernel as is mentioned in this link :-

It is mentioned that I have to install kexec.
It is mentioned that I have to do some chanegs in kdump config file, which should be present at /etc/sysconfig/… Configuration like :-


But I am unabel to find configuration file.

Could you please suggest, whether I am on right track or not? How and from where I can find kdump package becuase my linux machine is not connected to network. I have to download and install it manually.

If i am on wrong track, please guide me with the correct steps, so that i can capture kernel panic logs.

-Thanks and Regards,
Deepak K.

I am not familiar with what you are trying to do, but:

I have openSUSE 13.1 (you forgot to tell which version you use, so …) and When I use YaST > Software > Software management and search voor kexec, I see the package kexec-tools, which contains amongst others the files /sbin/kdump and /sbin/kexec. That means that kexec (not KEXEC) is installed (and by default, because I didn’t do it as an extra and what matters, when it is not installed, you can do it). Not difficult to check.

Another method to test if you have kexec (not KEXEC) is:

boven:~ # which kexec

Also not difficult and something you should be able to do when you are able to compile the kernel yourself.

And of course, when you want to know more about an installed tool in Unix/Linux, the first thing to do is

man kexec


man kdump

But that last one does not realy help >:)

Hope this helps for part of your questions.

Hi Henk,

Thanks for the information. :slight_smile:

Actually I want to capture kernel panic logs.

I have installed opensuse11.2 on my system.

-Thanks and Regards,
Deepak Kumar

I was only commenting on the fact that you did not know how to check if a particular tool (kexec in this case) is on your system.

I have no experience whatsoever with kexec (and friends) so, do not expect from me any comments on how to use it.

BTW, not telling first and foremost what version of a software one uses, and specialy the version of openSUSE, is of course not very informative to your potential helpers. The fact that you now tell that you use such an old and unsupported version makes even my answer more or less useless.

You should realy install a supported version, the more while you seem to have problems with your kernel. That must be an outdated kernel, which almost nobody uses anymore.