how to install Adobe software like photoshop illustrator

how can i install illustrator on opensuse 13.2 kde version please guide me as i am new to this OS;)

I pretty sure there is no Linux version of that program. Maybe you can get it to run under wine. But then again maybe not some Windows programs run fine under wine other not so much. First check the wine site to see if anyone has got it to run.

If you find instruction great. If not chance are that it won’t run but you could try

first install wine from the repositories. Go to

Yast-Software Management

searcher for wine install it. follow detailed instruction on the winehq site

Ask here if you paint yourself into a corner

Maybe you better install an alternative program that can do the tasks you want. As I do not kow what “illustrator” (is that the real name of the product?) does, I can not give any direct advice. But there are lists on the internet that tell you which Linux alternatives exist for which MS Windows bound applications.

I did a quick Google and this is one of the lists I found. Did not study it, but to show you waht to expct:

I think the open source “equivalent” to Adobe Illustrator is Inkscape or Krita.

Some quick comparisons …
Adobe Photoshop => Gimp or Krita
Adobe Illustrator => Inkscape or Krita or Karbon
Adobe InDesign => Scribus
Adobe Lightroom => DigiKam or Shotwell
Adobe Premier => OpenShot or Kdenlive

For Office-like applications look to LibreOffice or Calligra.

Calligra also includes flowchart diagraming software.

Even if something looks like it belongs to KDE or Gnome desktop environments, they can be installed and run in any environment. They may not look like the same theme as the desktop environment but it shouldn’t effect the operation of the application so long as all of the necessary bits are installed.

but i got skills in illustrator how can i move to an alternative ??

On 2015-01-13 18:26, zainali95 wrote:
> but i got skills in illustrator how can i move to an alternative ??

If you really need Photoshop, then you need Windows…

You either try to run it under wine (or perhaps payware CodeWeavers), or
run Windows under virtualization, like virtualbox or vmware. Perfomance
may suffer a bit.

You simply can not run Windows software under Linux, nor the other way

“Wine Is Not an Emulator”, that allows you to run some windows
programs in Linux.

This section looks promising:

«Corporate sponsorship»

«Other corporate sponsors include Google, which hired CodeWeavers to fix
Wine so Picasa ran well enough to be ported directly to Linux using the
same binary as on Windows; Google later paid for improvements to Wine’s
support for Adobe Photoshop CS2. Wine is also a regular beneficiary of
Google’s Summer of Code program.[23][24]»

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 13.1 x86_64 “Bottle” at Telcontar)

Wine (or the related CodeWeaver CrossOver or PlayOnLinux) is one means of running Windows programs on Linux. That can be hit-or-miss and Adobe is not very friendly towards Linux. According to teh Wine Database for Adobe Illustrator it looks like version 8.0, 9.0 and 10.0 work reasonably well.

Another method is ot run a Windows Virtual Machine (VM). I am not very experienced with VMs but I thought there was a way to run an application in a Virtual Machine borderless so that even though it is in a VM, it looks like the application is running in the host OS. You’d have to look up and see how to do that.

If you want to use Illustrator because you know Illustrator then outside of the mentioned ideas, you would need something that runs Illustrator (Windows).

If you want to use Illustrator because you want to create illustrations, graphics and artwork then any of the alternatives will give you a chance to learn how to illustrate, not how to use Illustrator.

An added bonus is the alternatives are free (as in free beer as well as freedom) and some are cross-platform so you can use the same program on a Windows, Linux and possibly even Mac operating system.

Good luck!

Well you have skill in an Illustration software. That skill carries over to another illustration software programs. Ok the menus may be different and there may be more or less tools but it is all drawing. If you can draw you can use any drawing software.

If you absolutely must have Adobe based software you pretty much are stuck to Windoz. But if you are the least bit flexible you can use any software that does the same thing. If you learn to drive a nail with a Craftsman hammer don’t you think you drive a nail with any hammer??? And how do you really know until you tried.

having problem in virtual box
got an error

Failed to open a session for the virtual machine windows.

VT-x is disabled in the BIOS. (VERR_VMX_MSR_VMXON_DISABLED).

I fail to see the connection with photoshop.

Please start a new thread for a new problem.

Illustrator was one of the programs I missed when I first switched from Windows to Linux, but I tried Inkscape and quickly found that I could do most of what Illustrator could, and all I needed it to. It isn’t quite as “Modern” looking, but I don’t consider that a drawback… in fact quite the opposite. It reminds me of some of the earlier versions of Illustrator, and that is a good thing (IMHO)