How to install a package?


I am new to linux but love to explore it. I just installed openSuse 11.1 on my new desktop which already has Windows XP on it. I would like to install a package called NetworkManger. Can anyone please tell me how to get it and how to install it? I need to set up my wireless connection on this machine. So, I can’t access internet from this machine when logged on using linux OS. When I tried /usr/sbin/iwlist scan, I do not see my wirelesss SSID in the list. I do not know why, but windows can see it. I tried configuring with iwconfig, but did not work.

Can anyone help on this? I am using KDE desktop.



Well one way to do it is start up YaST (either by clicking on the yast icon or typing yast2 as root at a command line). Then click on ‘Network Devices’, then ‘Network Settings’. On the ‘Global Options’ tab of the module that opens up you should be able to change the ‘Network Setup Method’ to ‘User Controlled with NetworkManager’.

When you click ‘OK’ in that module it should ask you if it can install the NetworkManager packag(es).

Thanks. It worked.