How to install a drivern of .run extension


I’ve had a graphical card and I’ve downloaded the driver (from the official website of NVIDIA) with extension .run. As I forget the command line to install it, I would like to ask about it.

Thank you.

From the command line, if you’ve downloaded the NVidia installer, you need to do:

chmod +x <name of .run file> – this makes it executable
./<name of .run file>

That should be it … also, if you are trying to install the NVidia video driver, you need to be at runlevel 3, so you’ll need to do:

init 3

from the command line, as root, before executing the 2 steps I mentioned.


And do not be impressed with that .run. It is no extension (such a thing does not exist in Linux), it is just a way to tell you that you should execute it. And to execute it see the post above.

Thank you; I’ve resolved the problem.