how to increase linux user in the world?

howdy ever1. I am brand new to linux, sick of windows type virius.I been using Opensuse for 1 month, it looked good but there is no help for a beginner about how to use linux, it is every differt from windows, i wand to install a software but it looks like i have to be a expert of computer,I inserted a DVD try to watch a movie it look like i have to do something more about the player.could not tell what is "root’ means in the system.donot know how to save the file or place the file to the right place.can some1 tell me where to start to learn linux,is there a window interface like linux, or there is a place i can learn linux from the zero , i think a windows interface like Linux will take over the pc world, is it possiable to install a software by just one click of mouse instread of DOS like lots of key stroks like {$%^kcsj}, A OS system shoud be a easy to use and learn for the all users, moms and dads. friends .sisters brothers, isnot it? get to the people instead of leting people get closer to linux .for sample there is a thing call ‘konsole’ what is it for? how to use it? around the world many people donate times ,money, skill to make linux. endup just a piece of art in a samll circle, i hope some day the windows-linux would be Cocacola-Pesi like .

Actually OpenSuse is one of the easiest distros out there to learn.
Its just different, but really the best way to learn linux is to post.
Linux forums and communities are where the action is at, Linux is community supported and that is its best merit.
Where are you having trouble at?
We are here to help you if you just ask, of course Linux is going to be different from windows as its obviously not windows.
With proper learning you will see that linux can be very easy, in fact easier then windows.
But it all comes down to asking the right questions.

welcome so openSuSE
here is a must to have in your bookmarks:


TaraIkeda wrote:
> the best way to learn linux is to post.
> Linux forums and communities are where the action is at, Linux is
> community supported and that is its best merit.

i disagree…it is my opinion that the best way to learn openSUSE
linux is to READ and try, in that order…

begin here:

which includes links to some suggested reading…


cspoker wrote:

> howdy ever1. I am brand new to linux, sick of windows type virius.I been
> using Opensuse for 1 month, it looked good but there is no help for a
> beginner about how to use linux, it is every differt from windows,

I think the best way to start with linux is by doing the same you did when
first started with windows: just use it to get used to it :wink:

Besides, openSUSE has some very helpful documentation you can consult:



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This here Concepts - openSUSE is a great place to begin. It introduces basic concepts. Take for example root. Root to Linux is what Administrator to Windows is.

OpenSUSE does have one click install. An example would be

YaST is the openSUSE control panel. Just like what Windows has (except I think it’s a lot better. You can read about it here Category:YaST - openSUSE In particular you’ll want to read this YaST/Modules/Software Management - openSUSE and Add Package Repositories to YaST - openSUSE This article YaST/Modules/Online Update - openSUSE will explain the online updates. This article YaST/Modules/Firewall - openSUSE will explain the openSUSE firewall. And this article SDB:X Server Configuration with SaX2 (8.1 or Higher) - openSUSE will explain SaX2, which is what configures your graphical interface.

The problem with online and offline documentation is often its out of date, and it can take a while reading page after page overwhelming the new user.

I prefer the more personal and direct approach, you can give out all the mile long documents and large instruction manuals but I think that a more personal approach is far more helpful and it makes the new user feel at ease.
My approach is to come in, ask questions about the issue, try to establish a diagnosis and then solve the issue if possible.
I rarely give out command line instructions, even though its easier then typing “click on this, click on that” instructions I know the new user would not know much about a terminal so I give them play by play instructions.
My approach is to be informative but also not overwhelming.
I sort of work like a doctor in my strategy but my bedside manner is probably much better then any doctor :smiley:

Any documentation can be out of date. So why not contribute, and benefit many more users by keeping the openSUSE wiki up to date. The would also save you from having to retype the same things over and over.

Asking questions should be part of any technicians troubleshooting, but then one you have isolated the problem, linking to the corresponding wiki page is appropriate.

I also hate mile long documents. When I look at wiki pages, I try and make sure the content is easily understandable, and has pictures when available.

I think it is curious to see that people think Linux is “not so user friendly”. It is userunfriendly exactly like every other OS like Windows (very unfriendly) and MacOs (unfriendly if you think that it works only on a specific hardware).
The big difference with linux is that:

  1. it is not preinstalled on your PC
  2. it leaves you full controll over the system

I installed the system for a friend and the VERY first thing she did was to mess up the grub menue because she was an “artist” and wanted to personalize that bloody green start up screen…without knowing a ff about the system. So a lot of people do this: they use their productive system to make very dangerous things without having even a clue about partitons and backups.
To increase linux you would have to forbid preinstalled OSs with buying obligation. You offer the hardware, the user chooses the OS. The vendor preinstalls and hands over the PC. Oh, yes the “free market”. Well, it is not free as long as I am not free to “at least” have the PC without OS installed at, a lower price.
On the policy with DRM related tasks:
openSUSE is not Linux, it is only a distribution, a way of presenting and distributing a compilation of linux and programs. Novel is based in the US, therefore they are used to frivolous law suites (look just at the hilarious SCO thing, the manager is close to biblical “resurrection skills” of dead entities, but still finds “investors”. Honit soit qui mal y pense!).
Novel also considers openSUSE as a tecnical “test case” for their products and have the mentality of “if you don’t like it buy our commercial version”. Also here, this is a particular thing of Novel, not of Linux and cannot be generalized.
It is my conviction, that the most easy thing to spread linux is,… to use it. When people see me using linux on my laptop and to open emails without antivirus, the first questions arise…and the first astonishments too. When they find out about the things you can do with a freshly installed system, about the unified update of all programs though Yast, as the eyes get bigger they begin to ask…would this be possible on my machine.
But unless people do not find it as a pre-install option, well tuned, on an existing machine in a supermarket, covering the main part of their needs, without FUD 24h a day linux will stay to be “for a minority”. Like the netbooks that where tecnically castrated with linux but pumped if XP was installed - just to show that "people choose XP if they have the choice…really? Or did they buy the XP notebook and installed OpenSUSE, Ubuntu, Fedora, Ark, Debian, Mandriva etc on it. Without anybody “knowing” it in “official” stats.
Then people are quite lazy and sometimes (pardon me) quite arrogant when it comes to acknowledge their responsibilities: *“I deleted the root partition and now the system does not start…”***ty OS". rotfl!
And why does the industry oppose? I talked with a higher sales manager of a big modem/NAS producer, during a travel. On my remark that on the long run Linux would be unavoidable as a mayor player of the market the answer, without irony, was: “I hope not, it would mean that we have to really WORK to make all this money”. I think that speaks for itself.:sarcastic:

Well yes Wiki pages have great info when they are up to date, but still sometimes a personal approach is more helpful depending on the situation.

question 1 i downloaded a realplayer installer on my desktop for linux how i install it.i am using KDE 4.1.3.
2 how to reset my firefox homepage,
3 i just updated my Opensuse but still can’t play a DVD from the USA
4 my loptop battery is ok but 20 minutes later after full charged the battery monitor tell me i have only 5 percent of battery life left to go ,no more power and have to turn the pc off, after it happenned couple times i rejected to turn off and the loptop kelp running for 1 hour.
5 firefox has very slow respond to the page rolling up and down in this website url=

A good example I found that showed me how linux could be easier than windows was this:

 I got tired of the **** thing beeping annoyingly at me when I hit backspace one too many times at the command line.  So I wanted to disable that **** beep.  If you wanted to disable something like the internal speaker in windows, you'd have to pull up control panel, device manager, disable the device, and hope it doesn't crash.  Something like that I believe.  In linux? Go to the command line and type 'modprobe pcspkr'.  BAM! That's it!  And in Windows, to restart it? You'd probably have to go back to the control panel, enable it, and reboot and all that noise.  In Linux? modprobe pcspkr.  Just that dang easy.  One of the many things that made me say forget windows forever.  Just my two cents!

thanks it help

this is not a help forum…this is a discussion forum…

let me suggest ONE question per post, and put your questions 1, 2, 3
and 5 in here

in FOUR separate posts, each with a descriptive subject line like “how
do I install realplayer download?”:

and, put your question 4, in here (also with a descriptive subject):

actually, you can probably FIND that all of your questions have
already been answered, search

natural_pilot /( )

frist i donot like windows. why? windows can not defend I use Linux, freeware, so good. a little bit more flexiablity conturling the hardware then windows.less vrius more secure that is all. the downside of the Linux are #1 most user use pc to surf the web, watch video , to do these things windows can easily handle it, but linux i have to download Adobe flusher and find a way to install it since Linux hates one click installation so i have to memorize those nonsence characters{#$%EFWEFDSC}.#2 an OS is like a houskeeper, i tell the housekeeper to get what i want instead the housekeeper tells me do it urself.donot disagree this. thing about this people pay to get windows and it is not good as Linux fans say it is, but Linux is free and is good as Linux fans say it is .only few people use it compare to windows, that broke the law the businese, why??? think about that Linux desigers. why people buying **** while there is gold for free??? just becuz they donot know about computer? or they stupit? since Bill Gates copied Mac, with a better market strategy and he won , why Linux can’t. the true is Linux is much much more behide the market or demand, so change it , u know what to a common user we even donot how to ask the right questions when we have a linux problem.

I don’t really agree with that argument, because it assumes that all users need the same level of “ease of use” and learnability. That clearly is nonsense. Some of the people you mention will be capable of dealing with one of the linux distros available now, and some will not.

You can produce an operating system (based on linux) that’s easy enough to use for people who have little or no IT skills to begin with, but it probably will not appeal to the experienced user with well-honed IT skill and a desire to experiment and move the boundaries.

I don’t believe that linux will increase globally, in the way that Windows has or to the same extent, unless Windows suddenly becomes unavailable. However some distros are evolving and picking up more users. The pace could quicken if there was less competition within, but some competition is needed to drive change.

I think the pace would pick up more if key distros focused on different market sectors that reflected user application needs, established a culture of “just works”, and implemented “ease of use” whenever possible. At the moment they are too focused on releasing bleeding edge versus stability, gnome versus kde, .deb versus .rpm, open versus proprietary drivers, and keeping up with the jones’ and Vista.

I think the pace would pick up more if key distros focused on different market sectors that reflected user application needs, established a culture of “just works”

there is only one market if you want Linux take ove windows is by more user friendly is the only to do it. the tech thing let the tech guy do, and i belive in this world not only the Microsoft have the best tech guy, can we have a OS interface like computer call ‘my house’ where i play game call ‘playing room’ where i do my homework call’ study room’ where i store my file call ‘basement’ where i commuicate with others call’internet’
where i need to fix my house call ‘tools room’ where i going to shut down my pc call. ‘sleeping room’ provgoing options like how long r u going to sleep? instead of suspend to RAM. **** what is RAM? and why i need to know that?a pc is like a tool make us life easyier. we donot want to know every thing about it so we can use it, i hope next time i see a good OS is when ihave the hard time to use it can provide auto problem dection and give me the option to fix it. not go download a s9o7rth2vv- hqcr
code and wp958utvn-w348uftc-3 to install it. sick of it, if we know all the thing about pc we are the pc tech guy, and we make a living out of it, but this world have a lot of the different job.if u guys say that is why pc tech have a job, i have no thing to say any more. but stop saying Linux is better then windows, maybe a little bit in same ways.

there is only one market if you want Linux take ove windows is by people

I thought we were trying to “increase linux user” as in your title, not going for world domination. However, even if we take your over-simplified view of the problem, a simple analogy should explain it. The world is full of people, but even a Dictator hell-bent on world domination needs to have a strategy to achieve that. The Dictator will need to break his complex task into manageable chunks with milestones to mark his achievements along the way. The world of people could be divided into continents, then countries. The Dictator can then decide which countries and in what sequence they need to be conquered, in order to take over each continent and hence the world. You get the picture now? :wink:

Marketing is similar to war, with strategy, strategic targets, campaigns, battles, and tactics etc. Instead of continents/countries you have market sectors/segments of applications and/or user types. Because businesses and people have different requirements and priorities, it makes sense to divide them into different groupings in order to address each sector with appropriate products, services and marketing campaigns. That’s how Microsoft got there with Windows. It’s harder for Linux as it’s not so easily organized, and there is now that powerful incumbent installed almost everywhere who is capable of aggressively defending its marketplace.

what u said is the the job Linuxer need to do. and u just over complicated it.a PC is like a TV. decades ago, nothing else, they all carrying the job of spreding the information. in oreder to get the information passed , we have to make it as easy as possible so information can pass around the earth as much as it can, you get the picture now?:slight_smile: