How to increase bootloader window size

The grub2 boot menu us very small, probably about 1/20 of the screen size or so. I cannot read all the options for a snapper rollback, for example. I did one earlier today and I basically just had to go down a few and pick one at random because I could not read all the info regarding which snapshot each menu item was. It would be nice if I could increase the size of the window so I could read all the options. Anyone know how to do this?


Use YaST’s System - Bootloader module.

Regardless of the screen resolution I pick, the window is always too small to see anything other than the kernel version. I don’t see any other options in yast to increase the size of that menu window. However, I did disable the graphical console so I’ll just use the text based menu from now on. But, I’m still curious if it’s possible to adjust that window in the graphical console.

Menu window is defined by used theme located normally in /boot/grub2/themes; each subdirectory corresponds to theme, openSUSE being normally default. In this subdirectory there is theme.txt file, “boot_menu” item defines position and size. In the theme I see currently on TW width is set to fixed 400 pixels. You may try to increase it proportionally, like 80% of screen width; do not forget to adjust “left” property to match it (if “width” is set to 80% “left” should be set to 10% so window appears centered).

To avoid losing your changes copy directory under new name and set it as GRUB_THEME in /etc/default/grub. You will need to run “update-bootloader --refresh” to recreate grub.cfg.

You did not tell us anything about your system (OS version, graphics card, monitor resolution, …) so it’s difficult to give proper advice. However here is what i did:

I have a 4K-display (3840x2160) and the size of the GRUB2 menu used to be quite small so i changed the file “/etc/default/grub” like this


and then i rebuild the GRUB2 config file

# grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg

The next reboot gave me an enlarged GRUB2 menu.

On boot GRUB2 will go through the line “GRUB_GFXMODE=” from left to right and will apply the very first resolution mentioned in that line that can be handled by your gfxcard/monitor setup. So if you omit the higher resolutions you will get a “larger” menu. If none of the resolutions in that line can be handled by your gfxcard/monitor setup then GRUB2 will apply the highest resolution that your gfxcard/monitor setup can handle.

To find out which resolutions GRUB2 can handle with your given gfxcard/monitor setup boot into GRUB2 and press “c”. That will give you a “grub>” command prompt. Enter

grub> videoinfo

and you will get all resolutions which GRUB2 can handle with your gfxcard/monitor setup.

Then edit the file “/etc/default/grub” and change the line “GRUB_GFXMODE=” so that the highest possible resolution is not included. Save the file and rebuild the grub.cfg file.

Hope this helps.