How to include dependencies for wine?


I’m currently building a tool that includes components running on wine. SUSE performs some checks after the build:

  207s] calling /usr/lib/rpm/brp-suse.d/brp-20-check-la 
  207s] calling /usr/lib/rpm/brp-suse.d/brp-25-symlink 
  208s] ERROR: link target doesn't exist (neither in build root nor in installed system): 
  208s]   /usr/share/otrverwaltung/tools/intern-VirtualDub/wine/dosdevices/a: -> /mnt/floppy 
  208s] Add the package providing the target to neededforbuild and Requires

Of course I have added wine and wine-devel in BuildRequires, but no further success.
Any ideas how to avoid the messages?

Wine is not causing this, you’re trying to create a symlink where the target is not available, i.e. /usr/share…/a: isn’t there.

Had a look at the source code…you are right. We have some devices and the user who originally created the code. Will check, Thanks!