how to import videos to my ipod touch

ok i have some family videos i want on my ipod touch. i got them converted to mp4 format, but im having trouble trying to import them to my ipod need help from someone. i have opensuse 11.4 if that helps also my ipod is jailbroken

I don’t know if this will work on the ipod touch but it works on my ipod. Try gtkpod gtkpod Home it work great for me.

Is it a 3rd generation or a 4th generation. If it is a 3rd generation, then it can be done without jailbraking. I wrote about this in my openSUSE blog here: Interfacing iPod Touch 3G to openSUSE-11.3 - Blogs - openSUSE Forums

Further to this, let me quote the salient section:

its a 3rd gen i tired to do the gtkpod. it loaded my ipod, i found that it had my music and photos. but not my videos i already had on it. it would not allow me to put videos on either. sorry but ive only been using linux for a few months and i pretty much need a step by step guide to put videos on it. “also the videos are already in mp4 format”

Thats actually a pretty general statement. Not ‘just any’ mp4 format will work on an iPod. I thought I made that clear in my blog ? … maybe not. Anyway, you need to have the resolution selected that is compatible with the iPod. You also need a bit rate selected that is compatible with the iPod.

If you choose to use handbrake like I suggested, then it will generate an mp4 with the correct resolution and bit rate for you. If ignore that and put any mp4 with any resolution and any bit rate on your iPod, then you will be disappointed as it won’t play.

Did you follow the advice in my blog ?