how to I change from VNC Remote X to User session

VNC newbie…

It seems that I am login in as VNC - Remote X. How do I configure or set up a VNC - User session?

Running realVNC on XP connecting to Gnome opensuse 10.3

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*Remote Access to SUSE - openSUSE

VNC - Remote X Login

Here we use a VNC setup designed to use minimal resources on the server. This is done by not starting the VNC session until someone tries to connect, and shutting the VNC session down as soon as client disconnects from it.

The VNC sessions are identical to the sessions on the physical screen of “Server”, they even start of with the identical logon screen.
VNC - User Sessions

Here we “Prestart” vnc sessions for specific users, therefore no login screen is presented. This uses more resources as the VNC Session is running even when no client is connected to the session watching it. But there in lies it’s advantage, “watching a session” and “using a session” are not the same thing! This method is very usefull for starting long running programs before going home. Once home you can re-connect to the session and see how things are going. *