How to I boot to a command line as a one-off?

I am locked out of my computer because I tried to install the NVidia driver and it is hanging at: reached target graphical interface. How do I just get the computer to boot to the command line and let me delete xorg.conf and/or update it please? I’m on site and desperate to get this working. I had to reinstall drivers because I reinstalled nvram to get USB port working again it’s screwed everything up. Sorry for lack of paragraphs this Windows machine I’m on won’t let me type carriage returns! :o

BTW ALT-F1 does not work as a way of getting to log-in screen as I had seen someone suggest.

check out jdmcdaniel3’s blog entry on this (where booting to ‘command line’ in this case is referred to as ‘run level 3’) :

Thanks. I’d seen that. Doesn’t help at all. Still getting stuck in the same place. No matter what grub options I try it always looks the same which makes me wonder whether I’m actually doing it right.

Note instead of ‘just’ inserting ‘3’ you could try inserting ‘nomodeset 3’. Does that help?

Does the ‘safesettings’ (recovery mode) boot work for you ?

Actually, it needed it without nomodeset altogether. Once I took that out it ws ok. Thanks a lot for the help.

Glad to read its working now. Its difficult to be precise in advice, without having access to one’s pc. Thanks for sharing your solution.