How to I add an "application icon" to the application menu?

I am running SUSE 11.0 (Gnome).

I have installed an application (Draughts) from a tar.gz file and I don’t have a “application icon” on the Application menu.

How do I add an application to the application menu?

Go to “Control Center”, then “Main Menu - User View”. Scroll around until you decide which group you want to put your application in, and then select “New Item”. You’ll have to browse around a bit to find the actual icon to be displayed.

run Control Center.
there you’ll find : ‘main menu - userview’ under look n feel group.

click it.

Thanks for your reply, but when I open the “Control Panel” I cannot find the icon for “Main Menu”. I am using SUSE version 11.0 with the Gnome desktop.

I, too, am running 11.0 and gnome

Perhaps you are confusing Control Center with YaST (which is also called Control Center)? They are not the same. Control Center is right above YaST on the System menu. “Main Menu - User View” is listed under “Look and Feel”.

THe only options I have when I open Computer> Computer Center and look under “Look and Feel” are:
1) Appearance
2) Desktop Effects
3) File Management
4) Orca Screen Reader
5) Screensavers
6) Windows

Any other Suggestions?


Weird. It should be there. Try reinstalling gnome-control-center?

Reinstalling the “Control Center” did not fix the problem. Are you running the same version and Desktop as I am? (SUSE 11.0 with the Gnome session)

Well, I learn something new every day. The menu editing application is called “alacarte”. Try running it from the command line. If that doesn’t work, install it with YaST.

Thank you very much. Alacarte restored the “Main Menu” and the ability to edit menus & icons.

Again thanks!!