how to have a number that identify the height of a panel

using opensuse leap 42.2, plasma 5.9.90, KDE frameworks 5.30.0, KDE applications 16.12.1

in KDE4 when I adjust the height of a panel placed in the bottom of the screen a number appear, is it possible to have this also in plasma5??
manythanks, ciao, pier :slight_smile:

Are your talking about this height value that is in $HOME/.config/plasmashellrc with the name of thickness under [PlasmaViews][Panel <num_1>][Horizontal<num_2>](where <num_1|2> are integral numbers for different configurations)?

uh, :slight_smile: may be, I don’t know… in KDE4 it appear as a popup when you move the height

Request it at, this is not some openSUSE issue.
BTW… Am I right in seeing that your repos aren’t the stock ones?

ok, I’ll do

yes you are…

Actually this was an openSUSE specific patch that nobody ever bothered to port to Plasma5.

And I agree, that feature should better be added upstream in the first place.