How to go back to kernel-default-4.5rc3

I have a Dell 7710 with an Radeon R9 M295X graphics card.
The problem I have with all “older” kernels is, that I can only boot if I use the “nomodeset” boot option, otherwise the screen goes black directly after the kernel is loaded.
Fortunately, this changed when I upgraded via the Kernel:/HEAD repository to the kernel kernel-default-4.5rc3.
Everything was fine, especially after suspend to ram did come back with the backlight turned on and even the 3d-performance was fine.

Unfortunately, there came a new kernel-head update. I assumed that the bug was fixed “forever”.
With kernel-default-4.5rc4 the old behavior is back. The boot process stops after the kernel is loaded and it tries the kms.
To be clear: This is all independent of any X11. If I boot into run-level 3 the system also stop when kms is activated.
My suspicion was that the upgrade of the Bios to 1.3.10 was necessary to get any success with KMS.

My question: Where can I get hold on the old .rpm with the kernel-default-3.5rc3?
Now the old stuff is not available anymore.
I also compiled the kernel-vanilla 4.5rc3 but here the behavior didn’t change, so I assume that one of the opensuse-patches helps…

Or something else changed and the change of the kernel is just a coincidence, which I can not rule out.
Any other hints how to get the KMS working on this system?

Thanks a lot for your help,


First look in “/boot” to see if the old kernel is still there. Usually, when there’s a new kernel, the previous one is kept (but older ones are deleted).

If it is still in “/boot”, then there is probably a boot option in the grub menu to boot it.

If you do find it that way, then you need to make sure that it isn’t deleted on the next kernel update.

I’m not sure how to get it back if you can’t find it, since it is probably gone from the repos.

I cleaned up /boot before I rebooted :frowning:
I didn’t expect such a problem and I assumed that I can easily download from an archive the previous kernel… I guess I was wrong.
Anyone around here still with the 4.5-rc3 kernel?

There is a reason the older kernel is kept by default