how to give the enter command in konsole only via mouse

I’ using konsole with kde4 the last on opensuse 13.2.
for various reasons I want use only mouse to copy commands from a text file and paste in konsole an d then execute them.
I am able to give the “return” command only pressing the return stroke in keyboard, is it possible to give the return command only by mouse??
is there any button to add to konsole to have this feature??
manythanks, ciao, :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

When you copy, make sure there is a CRLF (as in hit return and a blank line below) in your copy eg;


ls -la


ls -la
<blank line>

Copy both lines and paste with the middle key and it should complete the command.

manythanks, it works in this way, but, in many cases the text file is a pdf file and it isn’t editable so I would prefere to have a button to press, do you think it is possible to ask to the konsole developers to add a return button??
ciao :slight_smile: pier

Since your on KDE4, I have my doubts since it’s an EOL desktop…

Now if you had a mouse with more buttons, I’m sure one could be set as a LFCR or ^M, else maybe in konsole there is an opportunity to configure mouse keys?