How to get webcam working from my MacBook Pro on KDE

@malcolmlewis ok I got my webcam finally working, so the problem is that /dev/video or /dev/video0 in my case doesn’t get created. So I had to unload and load the ‘facetimehd’ module.

This was finding nothing:

ls /dev | grep vid

First make sure the browser is closed, then type:

sudo modprobe -r facetimehd
sudo modprobe facetimehd

You should now see something with (if this is your problem):

ls /dev | grep vid

Open the browser and just search for ‘test webcam’ site and it should work.

Ref: Installation · patjak/facetimehd Wiki · GitHub

@6m-uTnj you might want to try the steps I did and see if you can get yours working. FYI: you don’t need to build the drive, just install it like I did from a prebuilt package.

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