how to get update LEAP 15 without internet.


I am using LEAP 15 in my dev/test environment and would like to get updates of LEAP 15 but i do not have internet on my all the systems.
is it possible to get update on system which is facing to internet and from there i can update my rest non internet systems?

Thanks in Advance

If you have the space and your data cap is sufficient/unlimited, you could consider setting up local update repos perhaps, then update your offline machines via the locally hosted repo. The general idea discussed here…

Long ago when broadband was less available where I’m at,

I frequently configured the one machine with Internet access as the Default Gateway for all other machines in the network so that all had Internet access although only one machine had an official connection, and if Usage was an issue (trying to minimize downloads), I’d also configure that machine with a caching proxy server so that if a file was available in cache, the file would be retrieved from that instead of from the Internet.

It’s a lot less trouble and works automatically compared to setting up your own full repo.

If you set this up,
the other thing to be aware of is that all files that are downloaded the first time from the Internet will be limited by the speed of your Internet connection which might mean some User waiting… compared to rsyncing a private repo during off hours so that files are available immediately on demand.