how to get thumbnails ?

I am using GNOME and KDE with 11.3 and want to get thumbnails for videos in file manager like nautilus,dolphin though tried using mplayerthumbsconfig and changed engine to mplayer from phonon but no gain.
for more information in only nautilus I get 3 thumbnails of three flv videos but rest flv and others doesn’t show up
thank you

**that is a “fun” question do to all the patents and royalty’s **

you will neen to start with installing all the media packages from “pacman” and not from oss
yast can do that with the “move repo” option
Additional package repositories - openSUSE
you can start here
Restricted formats - openSUSE Proprietary Multimedia Support in openSUSE
– also –
Search - openSUSE

Have a look at this thread:-