how to get the update package URL??

I need download them to my harddisk with downloading tool which have speed control function, what download address should I put in the box

Is this what you are referring to ? -> Index of /update

IMHO this is NOT a URL that you would put in a ‘box’ what ever the ‘box’ may be.

Thank you but not simple, so I hope in the next version the Opensuse adds the features like global network speed control

> like global network speed control

is your network too fast?
is your network too slow?
that is, what is the reason you need a speed control?

as far as i know there is no requirement for Linux to have a network
speed control:

if the network streams info in too fact it is no problem, because the
each arriving packet will not be acknowledged as received until it
has been (that is, the distant sending station knows when a packet
arrives and will keep sending until each is acknowledged)…

and, it the network streams info very very very slowly your machine
will wait on each…unless they are SO very slow the connection times
out and is dropped.

of course, maybe i don’t understand and am just asking why?


it is good network, but I want speed control that other people can do his things better. I want to get the URL to download the update packages from other computer and update my OpenSUSE12.3

Which folder I should download, is all the files in the folders? How to verify all of files(thousands of files)?

There is speed control for libzypp! Have a look at /etc/zypp/zypp.conf:

## Maximum download speed (bytes per second)
## 0 means no limit
# download.max_download_speed = 0

Set this to a value you like and it should be respected by zypper, YaST and Apper/PackageKit…

On 06/05/2013 02:16 PM, motutus wrote:
> Which folder I should download, is all the files in the folders? How to
> verify all of files(thousands of files)?

select the one that matches your system by version and 32 or 64 bit

perhaps instead of asking about a network speed controller you should
have told what you wanted to do and/or ask how to set up, populate
and keep current a local repo??

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Use Yast and the Update repository. That way would be the best for other users. For manual download you would have to know which packages to download, where Yast would download only those packages you need.